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Trail Ride & Camp in Door County? You Bet!

posted Mar 6, 2013, 4:00 PM by Ken Carpenter
News from Thumbs Up Riders – the Door County chapter of GDHTA 
submitted by Melinda Wuollett, President 
Please help us show the DNR and other interested groups that we have equestrians
interested in riding and camping in Door County.
The Thumbs Up Riders, the Door County Chapter of Glacial Drumlin Horse Trail Association, has formally
requested that horse trails & camps be considered during the Master Plan review of all Door County State
Parks – this year. This is a 1 year review where vested recreational user groups have a chance to either be
added or excluded from use of the state parks. There are a lot of factors that go into the end decision. If the park
is capable of the recreation and there is interest from the user group (both local and elsewhere) there will be a
better chance for a favorable outcome. As the local equestrian group, we are asking to participate in the
development and maintenance of these horse trails and horse camps. We would like to count on your voice to
be added to ours for this request. 

Your support can be shown in a number of ways. Several online petitions will be available AND/OR you can
show up personally. The DNR site will have the MOST official and influential petition with area for comment
specific to each park. Thumbs Up Riders facebook & Google pages will have links as they become available.
Meanwhile, we also have our own online petition at the link below. This will be presented as evidence of support
& interest along with the 200+ written signatures we collected last year at the Manitowoc Horse-A-Rama! Finally,
please consider driving up to join us at the D.N.R. meeting that should be held at one of the parks during the
master plan period. All meetings, important dates and petitions will be available on the above mentioned sites.
Please contact us if you are having ANY trouble accessing information. And please please help us bring public
horse trails to Door County! All our voices count! 

Horse trails & camps in Door county? Are you interested? Please sign here:
For more information & ways to get involved or show support please contact us at one of the