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October ARRA Newsletter

posted Oct 4, 2013, 3:29 PM by Ken Carpenter

News from the Americans for Responsible Recreation

Budget Showdown

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that September was slated for a budget showdown between congressional Republicans and the White House. Well, sparks have been flying and for those of you who wanted the ultimate showdown between President Obama and the Congress, you haven’t been disappointed. We had thought that at the last hour Congress would pass a short term continuing resolution to allow some breathing room while negotiations took place dealing with not only FY 14 funding but raising the debt ceiling as well. We made the wrong call on that one. Instead, we are witnessing verbal hand to hand combat among the various entities and it is impossible to handicap when a resolution will be found.


H.R. 1526, Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act

Somewhere in the clouds in the state of Washington

Just before all the dust up over government funding, the House of Representatives did pass a significant piece of legislation that will serve to improve the overall health of our national forests. This measure goes a long way towards shaping proactive management policies for our national forests and will result in reducing the threat of wildfires as well benefit the local economies of communities adjacent to our national forests. We view these policies as good steps for ensuring recreational access to healthy forests.