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New Trailriding Representative Needed

posted Jun 8, 2014, 6:04 AM by Ken Carpenter
I have asked to be replaced on the Governor's State Trails Council (STC).  I was appointed as the representative from equestrian trail riding community by Governor Doyle and Governor Walker and I am in my 3rd term.  I am moving in a very short while to the mountains of North Carolina.  A replacement representative needs to be found.  Are you interested?

What is the STC?
The STC was created by statute 15.347(16) in 1989. The council provides advice and consultation to the DNR on the planning, acquisition, development, and management of trails in Wisconsin. The council represents trail users in Wisconsin, which includes more than half of the state's residents. The council is also responsible for providing counsel in administering Federal Recreational Trails Program funds. The council serves as Wisconsin's state recreational trail advisory committee for Recreational Trails Program, necessary for Wisconsin to participate in the program.

The council is an independent forum for finding solutions to trail problems for both motorized and non-motorized groups, and is a statewide advocate for public/private cooperation in funding and management of trail systems. Wisconsin is a national leader in creating partnerships that provide for state ownership coupled with county management of trails.

Qualifications & Relationships
A successful candidate would be an active trail rider on Wisconsin trails.  Being active with several trail saddle clubs will help broaden your prospective and widen your contact base.  If you aren't already a member of the WHC Trails Committee and the Glacial Drumlin Horse Trail Assoc you will want to establish a relationship with both groups.  Members of both groups are our horse trail advocates and both groups will want to submit letters of support of any candidates to the Governor (via the DNR Parks Dept).  You will need recommendation letters from known groups.

How to apply
This link will take you to the STC page where you will find the application, description of the position and an explanation of the application process.

I will be happy to answer any questions about my position with the STC that you may have.  I have served on a STC sub-committee that reviews applications.  It is important to note that a recommendation to the Governor for STC membership isn't automatically accepted.  Letters of recommendation are a very important step in the process.

Best of luck