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Horse Trail Planning Committee of the Glacial Heritage Area (GHA)

posted Mar 24, 2013, 12:11 PM by Ken Carpenter   [ updated Mar 24, 2013, 12:22 PM ]

Ten people attended the first meeting of people interested in exploring the opportunity of a horse trail in Jefferson County as part of the GHA.  What a great start!  Trail riders were represented by:



Member of

Christine Hyke


Tina Bothum


Ken Carpenter


Wisconsin Horse Council Trails Committee & State Trails Council

Kim Sizer


Shirley May

Milton, Rock Co

Floyd Finney

Milton, Rock Co

Wisconsin Horse Council Trails Committee

Gail Seasor

Medina, Dane Co

Wisconsin Horse Council Trails Committee

Jean Rowland

Milton, Rock Co

From Jefferson County, Joe Nehmer the Parks department director and Augie Tietz Jefferson Co. Supervisor and member of GHA.

There is interest within Jefferson Co Parks to create horse trails in the county.  Good news as without support here things would be hard to push forward.  There was a lot of discussion about horse trails. Nothing concrete was put in place from this meeting.

The riders were interested in trying to help Jefferson Parks find any kind survey done on animal units within the county.  This would help us locate the concentrated horse areas in the county.  And would then give us some areas to think about connecting.

We asked Parks to see if there was any interest with the mountain bike user groups for linear trails as they will be seeing them shortly. Creating connecting trails that could be used by both trail user groups would strengthen the chances of the project happening. With proper trail design both groups can successfully use the same trail tread.

There remains the desire of the GHA to use State Owned Wildlife and Natural Areas that are part of the GHA for recreational trails. Up to this point there has been great resistance from the DNR to allow this. There are multiple efforts in play to explore how this can be made possible. Hopefully opportunities will open.

So the long march continues.  No one is saluting, but they are coming to the line up.

Next meeting will be April 23rd